7 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Will Power

While reading Psychology Today online, I found a column titled, "The Way You Think About Willpower is Hurting You." The column was written by a man who wrote a book on how to create "habit-forming products," which was interesting in and of itself. But what really surprised me was to learn that willpower isn't just a euphemism or excuse. It's a neurological function. After falling down a rabbit hole of academic and scientific studies dating back to the 1980s, I wrote this piece.   

9 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Olympic Weightlifting

Most of my friends know I'm a life long cardio addict. Carrying my kids around suffices as weight training. But one of my nearest and dearest began Olympic weight training and experienced so many benefits from it. True to form, I wanted to research and write about the exercise, rather than actually try it, so I pitched the idea to Shape.com. The response was bigger and better than I had expected. Women are very responsive to learning more about how they can incorporate serious weights into their fitness routine.

9 PTA Fundraising Ideas Parents Won't Dread

Confession: I completely dread fundraisers at my kids' schools. If I could just write one check instead of going to beefsteak dinners and selling Yankee Candles, I'd double down on my donations. Instead of groaning, I pitched this story to Care.com in hopes of inspiring PTA board members around the country to step up their games and put a little more "fun" in fundraiser. 

The Good Fight

This was one of those stories that shined a light on how little I knew about what was happening in my own back yard. Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime in the U.S. today. The two lawyers I sat down with for this piece explained how they are working to free trafficking victims from their past.  

A lot has been said and written about Bethenny Frankel even before I did this 2011 interview. She was on the cusp of selling her Skinny Girl brand for an estimated $100 million. What I found most surprising about this reality star was that she was an entrepreneur prior to taking her first steps onto the reality TV show stage. She saw reality TV as a way to market herself and her brand nationally and reach a sizable audience that she could have never afforded to reach with her own resources. 

Getting to Zero in the Fight Against AIDS

This assignment was quite close to my heart. After having lost a family member to AIDS in the mid-1990s and becoming involved with The Recollectors, a storytelling site and community for the many children and families left behind by parents who died of AIDS, writing about just a few of the brave people who have moved the fight against this disease forward was inspiring and rewarding. If I had to choose one piece on this site that I hope everyone reads, it’s this. 

Capital Crime and Punishment, State-by-State

This assignment came through after a botched lethal injection in Oklahoma sparked a nationwide media debate on the death penalty. Researching the history of death penalty laws and how each state evoked execution painted a surprising picture of how we, as a nation, view capital punishment.